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Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals

Sealtech International has extensive experience in rapidly supplying a wide range of new and replacement parts for onshore, offshore and subsea Oil & Gas and petrochemical processing systems and equipment for the most demanding sealing applications. Customized precision machined and moulded solutions, as well as rubber to metal bonded assembled components, are manufactured to order to meet customer needs. Sealtech has a wide range of Explosive Decompression (ED) material grades which can be provided and also suggested based on applications.

Sealtech manufactures seals for slicklines and wirelines, completion tools, valves, wellhead equipment, MPLT (memory production logging tools), flow line equipment and many other applications, both on and offshore.

CNC machined engineering plastic and rubber moulded parts supplied to the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical markets include:

  • Spring Energized valve seals
  • Seals for Valves and actuators
  • Gate valve & Ball Valve seals
  • ED resistant O rings
  • Elastomer O rings of various grade that is NBR, EPDM, HNBR, FKM(Viton®), FEPM(Aflas®), FFKM(Perlast® / Kalrez®/ Chemraz®)
  • Encapsulated O rings
  • Low Temperature resistant O rings
  • Back up rings
  • X Rings
  • D rings
  • T Seals
  • Hammer Union Seals
  • Wireline & Slickline BOP Seals
  • Pressure Control Equipment (PCE) seals
  • Chevron V Packings & Stacks
  • Oil savers & Swab cups
  • Stuffing Box packings
  • Packer Elements
  • Gas Lift Valve seal kits

Our strength lies in delivering a quality product in the shortest lead time

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