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Rapid Delivery Service

Once parts have been quality checked and suitably packaged, Sealtech International uses trusted logistics partners covering the Middle East region and internationally, wherever a customer needs parts to be delivered. Depending on the specific delivery service required, a rapid delivery service is provided to ensure total customer satisfaction.

As an additional part of the delivery service, on request, the Sealtech warehouse team will custom pack and label finished components according to specific customer requirements and specifications.

Kit creation service

Sealtech offers a customized kit service for customers. Complete part kits are provided on request, which can also be ‘custom packaged’ to order to include a customer’s brand name and logo.

Kits are customer code number referenced and logged on our system, so reordering is fast and simple. Customers can reorder using their Sealtech kit code number and a pack with all the parts required for that specific kit are quickly produced, packaged and shipped as requested.

Our strength lies in delivering a quality product in the shortest lead time

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